Cumberland Valley AA news

  • If you are looking to get involved and support other fellow AA's, the prisons group is always looking for people to help host a meeting. If interested fill out this application and email it to

  • The final agenda for the General Service Conference is available for review by request at The preconference is scheduled for May 4th and all members are invited. ( see events for flyer)

  • CVI is looking for donations of Grapevine magazine to support our fellow AAs in the correction system. If you have any Grapevines (old or new) that you are willing to part with give them to your CVI rep. or place them in a box located at different meetings in the Carlisle area.

  • The General Service Office has an urgent need for A.A. men to write to inmates through the Corrections Correspondence Service (CCS). Currently there are 200 male inmates waiting for an outside A.A. member to write to them. CCS is not a traditional pen pal service or automatic sponsorship service.  This service offers the opportunity for A.A. members on the inside and the outside to share experience, strength and hope with each other via postal correspondence. If willing please fill out this form and follow the instructions or simply send your name, address, and phone number to and they'll get people set up. (Memo)

  • The updated meeting schedule has been printed and is being distributed to meetings, and is current on the website.

  • Currently CVI has agreed to update the schedule once a quarter. We will announce before we update to give groups time to get any remaining updates in before the next printing.

  • If you have any schedule updates please email them to

  • CVI is asking each home group to appoint a a member to be their CVI representative. This is critical to keep information flowing back and forth between groups, and allow our district to run smoothly. This is necessary for us to be a proper support resource for recovery.

  • WE are always looking for people to be involved in our AA community by giving service. Help with events like alcothons helps up strengthen our community and support each other. If you are interested in service work like set ups, or are willing to give rides to AAs in need please email CVI at and let us know. Thank you to all those that serve.

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